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Global industry reshuffle is approaching, China can move towards manufacturing p


Manufacturing industry is the basis of power. In the wave of digital information, the global industrial manufacturing industry ushered in a new round of reshuffle". As the world's largest manufacturing country, China can grasp the historical opportunity towards manufacturing power?

"From a worldwide perspective, whether it is the third industrial revolution, or Germany's industrial 4, are indeed a revolution in science and technology and industrial change. In this change, if we keep up with the pace of progress, we can stand out. And if you turn a blind eye, or the pace is too slow, you may be eliminated by the tide. This is an inevitable trend." Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology minister Miao Wei said in an interview.

Intelligent manufacturing is the future development goals

Sound control, intelligent control, voice conversation...... This is a reporter in the United States Group Wuhan refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. saw the smart air conditioning, from the United States and the newly built intelligent production line. Compared to the traditional production line requires more than and 70 workers, intelligent production line just put 30 workers.

"Intelligent manufacturing is the ultimate goal of development." Miao Wei said, intelligent manufacturing is the first digital network, then, ultimately achieve the intelligent. By 46 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects last year, the implementation of results is very significant. According to statistics, the average production efficiency of pilot companies increased by 38%, energy utilization increased by 9.5%, the development cycle is shortened by over the past 35%." Miaowei said.

He pointed out that the current intelligent manufacturing first to solve interoperability issues, the establishment of a unified standard system of standards. In addition, we must overcome the lack of core technology, in the high-end sensors, sensor technology, control technology and other aspects of the core technology.

In the equipment, China needs more high-end CNC machine tools, 3D printing and industrial robots and other equipment to participate in production, to promote the entire production process automation, digital, intelligent.

How to achieve breakthroughs in core technology and equipment? Miao Wei said, to research and development by grasping the major science and technology projects to promote the major technical equipment. At present, our country has started the implementation of high-end CNC machine tools, wireless mobile communication, the core components, high-end chips and basic software and so on several projects, and recently launched the implementation of major projects such as aircraft engines and gas turbine."

Constructing innovation center according to market principle

This summer, China's first power battery innovation center was established in Beijing, which is China made 2025 plan landing the first manufacturing innovation center, known as power battery innovation national team".

Miao Wei pointed out that the Ministry will promote the construction industry through the manufacturing innovation center, to promote more scientific research achievements into productivity. Currently has set up a power battery innovation center, the next step to promote material manufacturing, industrial robot innovation center and provincial innovation center construction, by 2020 to establish 15 or so national innovation center.

"Manufacturing innovation center, we must attract more backbone enterprises in the industry to participate in the investment, construction, to stimulate the enthusiasm of scientific research personnel, to find the problem in the market competition, to solve the common technical problems facing the industry." Miao Wei said, "center of innovation in system and mechanism should be constructed in accordance with market principles, rather than the so-called institutions, especially the full funding institutions."

Essential industrial capabilities

Not long ago, in the Three Gorges Dam, ship navigation has a new channel of the Three Gorges ship lift. This is driven by the huge gear rack and the "big man", can be the maximum lifting boat car total weight of 15 thousand and 500 tons of 113 meters, is one of the world's leading power engineering "".

"The Three Gorges ship elevator is very shocking." Miao Wei said, especially the gear rack, is the world's largest module products. In this process, China's high-grade CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment to give a special support. The heat treatment, corrosion, fatigue test, etc., have undergone difficult technical research, reflecting the importance of industrial infrastructure.

"A country's industrial base is not good, want to build a powerful country is almost impossible." Miao Wei said that the basic ability in the industry is divided into four aspects: basic parts and components, basic technology, basic materials. In the implementation of the 2025 Chinese manufacturing process, strong industrial base project is one of the important link, to improve the ability of industrial base of China, lay a good foundation for the development of.

With a strong base industry, high-end equipment manufacturing industry has reliable support. Miao Wei introduced, in recent years, China's manned space flight, "dragon" manned submersibles, large aircraft, million kilowatt supercritical thermal power unit, million kilowatt nuclear power generators, UHV AC and DC power transmission equipment, Longmen high-speed five axis machining center, high-speed rail transportation equipment and a number of major technical equipment successfully developed. China's major technical equipment is to follow the development from innovation to lead, from the low-end "inexpensive" towards "high quality and high price" high-end development path.