2016 national manufacturing competitiveness of China ranked first! 双语对照


"Based on our study, China manufacturing competitiveness index ranked first in the country in 2016, has more than the United States, Germany and Japan, this is a comparison of a ranking of dance for joy." November 23rd, by the China Electrical and mechanical industry magazine sponsored the fourth annual meeting of China's innovative enterprises equipment, DDT strategic consulting senior director Chen Ning said.

Chen Ning introduced previously, DDT has released the "2016 global manufacturing competitiveness index" report, the study is made based on in-depth analysis and forecast research access to more than 500 of global manufacturing industry CEO and executive. Executives surveyed believe that advanced manufacturing technology will be the key to the release of future competitiveness. Predictive analysis, networking, smart products and smart factories characterized by "industry 4", as well as advanced materials, are critical factors of global manufacturing competitiveness development.

2016 national manufacturing competitiveness China ranked first manufacturing innovation is not the lifeblood of feelings

Chen Ning said that the government has to pay attention to the challenges of Chinese China manufacturing industry faces, and is vigorously promoting the "2025 China manufacturing" and "Internet +" plan, and implement the relevant measures, these actions will enhance the China position in the value chain. He believes that China's existing policy focus on providing enterprises with capital for technology development, sustainable development and infrastructure development, these are for Chinese enterprises to develop their own competitiveness provides key support.

According to the report's analysis, China is still the first big global manufacturing competitiveness, but also faces some challenges in the process of its development, such as the aging of the population, the local economic slowdown and rising labor costs.

China Machinery Industry Federation President Wang Ruixiang also said that China's equipment manufacturing industry from the existing problems, severe challenges, worthy of attention. First, the industry increased differentiation. CNC machine tools, petrochemical, heavy industry is still difficult, automotive, electrical and electrical industry pulling effect significantly. Automotive, electrical appliances two major new business income accounted for the same period the industry's overall proportion of 80.3%, accounting for nearly the proportion of the industry's overall new profit of nearly 90%. Description of the development of other industries there are still difficulties, uneven development. Two demand is not prosperous, low efficiency operation, lack of corporate orders, the industry's 146 small industries show half of the low speed operation.

Meanwhile, investment demand fell sharply. 1 - September machinery industry investment grew by only 1.54%, lower than the national and manufacturing growth, a record low since 2008. Moreover, foreign trade is still sluggish imports and exports. 1 - September total import and export industry $476 billion 800 million, down by 4.89%, of which exports fell by 4.69%." Wang Ruixiang said, from these problems, the change of mechanical industry is big but not strong, to upgrade the quality and efficiency of the task is still arduous.

Wang Ruixiang believes that since entering the new century, industrial revolution triggered by the new technological revolution, is reshaping the world's competitive landscape, innovation driven become the core strategy of the economy to seize the commanding heights of the future. At present, in the global economic situation is still complicated, China's economic development in the new normal feature prominent in the background, the machinery industry only to lead the industry transformation and upgrading, innovation to overcome difficulties, to achieve stable and healthy development of the industry.